I’m so glad you’re here…..welcome.

If this is your first Melissa Stilwell Photography portrait session, you are in for a treat! Your portrait session will be as unique as your family, but one thing I want all my shoots to be is fun. Many clients say that they have fond memories of the session itself!

Generally we begin the session with a few "relaxed posed" shots with the group and individuals. Next, the fun begins… I will gently direct you and your children with games and active posing, so that I can begin capturing those spontaneous expressions and natural interactions. You will be surprised to find how relaxed and fun your session will be, and as long as everyone is having fun I will keep shooting. Often my session favorites are the captures that take place during the "in between" moments, or even after most photographers would consider the session to be over.

Since your photo shoot is not likely to be the portrait torture sessions you may recall from past studio experiences, please be sure to keep the mood before and during the session light and fun. The morning of your photo shoot is not the time for harsh scolding or demands to smile on command. If you’re running five minutes late, or if your little one’s cowlick just will not stay smoothed, or if the baby won’t stop crying… take a deep breath and relax. We do not need perfection in order to get perfect photos!

I see, that you see, how I see. “ These words struck me as I realized this is what I strive to do with for my clients. I use my lens to try and look through the eyes of each person I photograph , in hopes of documenting images that are meaningful and beautiful to them.
— Johnny Cash to his daughter, Rosanne

My journey in photography has given me reason to step back, to linger, to really remain mindful of my surroundings and situations. The shadows, the sky, the colors, I now notice and recognize the beauty in people and nature and to try and capture it honestly and with integrity. It truly has taught me to see without my camera.
My easy going nature and playful spirit make it easy for me to connect and communicate with babies and children. This connection is what allows me to capture the essence of your child. As a photographer, I strive to give you portraits of your children that are as unique and special as your children themselves. I love dreaming. I love beautiful things. I am slightly obsessed with photography (to the point where it’s difficult for me to drive around and NOT evaluate beautiful lighting and locations). I love God, believe in helping others, and giving back. I love sunlight that turns fields into glitter. And I love hearts and the stories behind them. I believe in conversations, grace not perfection and celebrating little victories. I believe that we are made for more, and I am chasing a life of purpose. I want to hear your family’s story and I want to know what makes your heart beat…..what your dreams look like. I want to create a meaningful photography experience for you and turn those dreams of yours into beautiful artwork in your home.